Welcome to our World of Schnauzers

We are two friends who have a common love and that is the Schnauzer. Between us we have many years experience with dogs, Schnauzers in particular. We have teamed up together to focus on re-introducing Parti/Liver colours to the United Kingdom. These can be described as the forgotten colours. This is due to the breeds and colouring of dogs used originally to reduce the size of the Standard Schnauzer to create the Miniature Schnauzer. There were originally a variety of colours of Miniature Schnauzer. Colours other than Pepper and Salt and Black were seen as unsuitable and therefore these puppies were culled. At a later date the third Black and Silver variety were accepted. Please visit our Schnauzer Colours page for pictures showing examples of the forgotten colours, their beauty is amazing and for information about the history of Parti Colour Miniature Schnauzer please visit our Parti History page.

The return of these colours started in Germany and American breeders have now taken them to their hearts. Select U.S breeders commenced a breed program with carefully chosen dogs to enable the forgotten colours to regain their rightful place amongst their fellow Schnauzers. Slowly this has developed to the point where we now see that the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognise them as the pure breed dog that they are. In the UK The Kennel Club recognise the dogs, but presently the show world have not, something that we believe will change in the near future.

By working together as a team we are more able to enhance the standing of the Parti and Liver colours, with a wider gene pool being created. The genetics and compatability of our girls and boys is paramount. We have also found as a team working together we are able to support each other and all our dogs and puppies can and do benefit from three friends caring for them and working to better the breed by re-introducing the little lost gems.

We are passionate about what we do as both breeders and pet owners. All our dogs are first and foremost our pets, all live indoors with us and enjoy the good life, with plenty of love, stimulation, exercise and the best health care.

All puppies born are reared in the home with access to a safe and open space outdoors so that they may experience all manner of stimulation.

All puppies and their parents are eye tested. Dogs will only be used for breeding if they have a clear eye test. We can of course provide documentation to prove this. All Pups come fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, wormed, along with a good quality Puppy Pack

We also do at times have little Toy Schnauzers available for loving homes. They are all Schnauzer and are happy and healthy when cared for as a little dog should be. Extremely good temperement will be seen in all our dogs/pups as this is a priority for us.

Please visit our section on Parti Colour History for more indepth information on the colours that wrongfully went missing from the breed.

We also specialize in the standard colours, Pepper & Salt, Black and Black & Silver, of both the Standard & Miniature Schnauzer.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out"Dr Suess"