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Parti Schnauzer History

It is recorded that the first Schnauzer listed with black and white markings (Black Parti) was noted in Germany in the 1880's. This colour was not mentioned by Schnauzer enthusiasts until the 1930's. In 1929 a litter of black Miniature Schnauzers were born in Germany, among these pups were three black and white puppies (Black Parti). The parents were, as their pedigree stated, pure bred black for six generations.

Photo Liver Miniature Schnauzer
Liver Pepper Schnauzer
Black and White Parti Schnauzer
Liver Parti Schnauzer

There is consideration that there may well have been pups born with the black and white markings in past litters, but that they were swiftly removed.

The disposition for white patches is a recessively inherited gene. Both dogs mated need to possess this gene to create Parti colour pups. Therefore both the blacks used here must have carried this gene.

The Abagamba Kennel was the first on record to breed the Parti's in 1929. Parti colours were officially recognised by the Pinscher Schnauzer Club from 1929 for the next four years.

It was then decided by Board members to ban all future Parti pups from being registered. There was a promise to the Abagamba Kennel, who had contested this move, to create a seperate breed for the Parti Schnauzer. To this day this has never happened.

We at SchnauzerGems are dedicated to relaunching the little Parti/Liver Schnauzers to the Schnauzer breed, ensuring ethics, morals, care and dedication is given to the dogs who help us with the wonderful journey that lies ahead.

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